Saltwood Village Society

Saltwood Village Society was formed at a Public Meeting held in the Village Hall in November 1965. The aim of the Society is to ensure that Saltwood Village and its surroundings retain the character which they now possess, and that any future development within the village, whilst being in keeping with the times in which we live, contributes in retaining this character.
The Society does not wish to hinder development in the village in any way, but rather to make recommendations in the right quarter concerning any future planning in order that Saltwood may remain the pleasant village which it is today.

Saltwood Village Society Activities

Each year the Society has three meetings with a speaker at each. The talks are on a variety of subjects and have included the following: RSPB Dungeness, Westenhanger Castle, Perfumes, The Chaucer Tales, Coastwatch and an entertainment evening put on by Brockhill Performing Arts College. We regularly have 50+ members attending our meetings. We are always on the lookout for interesting speakers and the committee would be happy to hear from you if you could recommend anyone.
One of our recent major achievements has been to raise in the order of £6,000 to have the names of the Fallen put on the war memorial on the Green. The work involved having the rear wall of the memorial raised to a suitable height and engraved plaques made to fit. The majority of the monies raised was by two Garden Safaris that proved to be a great success although the Society had never attempted one before. In order to achieve this we worked with the Parish Council who, in conjunction with the work we funded, refurbished the remainder of the memorial.
In the past we played a major role in the two millennium projects of refurbishing the drinking fountain and providing a new village hall noticeboard on the village Green.
In addition to these events the Society has held photographic competitions and run very successful quiz evenings. In 2011 we gave the £500 raised at one of them to the Village Hall committee to help with their fund raising to improve the hall.
We are always looking for new ideas that will benefit our village as we have been doing since we were formed in 1965. If you have any ideas then please let us know about them via our contacts form below.
If you have heard any speakers who you think would interest the Society and its members please let us know through our contacts below.

Saltwood Village Society Talks

Each year the Society has three meetings with a speaker at each. Unless otherwise stated, all meetings commence at 7.30pm and are held in the Primary School in Grange Road, Saltwootd CT21 4QS

Present Events
Following the lifting of Covid restrictions the Committee are planning a get together of all current members at a Christmas Event in the Lads’ Club on Thursday 25th November 2021. Further information to follow.
Next speaker meeting dates to diary:
Thursday 10th March 2022
Thursday 19th May 2022 (also the AGM)
Thursday 13th October 2022

Past Talks
Friday 10th May 2019 AGM and the speaker is SHAL (an archaeology group from Lympne)
“SHAL we or Shan’t we? Yes we SHAL!!
An inspiring story from Lympne”
Friday 8 February 2019 7.30pm at Saltwood School, Grange Road with a fascinating talk from our guest speaker Steve Dennis on The Leas Pavilion, Folkestone.
Friday 12th October 2018 Dr Clive Nuttman - talk entitled ‘Madagascar – the enchanted island’
Thursday 29th November 2018 7pm Pre-Christmas talk and social (members only) Lads’ Club, Rectory Lane
February 9th 2018: Sailing the South Atlantic: Pete Raine - Saltwood Village School Grange Road Saltwood 7.30pm
October 13th 2017: Dogs Trust: Speaker Laura Murphy - Saltwood Village School Grange Road Saltwood 7.30pm
May 12th 2017: People and Places in early Victorian Saltwood - Saltwood Village School Grange Road Saltwood 7.30pm
Speaker: Mike de la Mare
February 10th 2017: Eva Braun Fact or Fiction: Speaker: Melanie Gibson Barton - Saltwood Village School Grange Road Saltwood 7.30pm
October 14th 2016:The History of Hythe Venetian Fete: Speaker: John Schoner - Saltwood Village School Grange Road Saltwood 7.30pm
May 13th 2016: Romney Marsh Wools and the products produced from them: Speaker: Kristina Boulden - Saltwood Village School Grange Road Saltwood 7.30pm
February 14th 2016: Samphire Ho Dover: Speaker Bryn Green - Saltwood Village School Grange Road Saltwood 7.30pm

Past Achievements

  • Memorial and Flagpole on the Village Green
  • Millennium project

Past Achievements

  • Photographic competition
  • Tree planting for Queen’s 90th birthday

Past Achievements

  • SVS 50th anniversary celebration in Saltwood Castle

Our officers and committee members

President: Mrs Jane Clark
Joint Chair: John Cimelli and Sally Chesters
Vice Chair: Sally Chesters
Secretary: John Cimelli
Treasurer and Membership secretary: Julia Clark
Committee Members
Geoff Cooke
Alexandra Harrington
Chris Hygate

Contact Us

If you wish to contact Saltwood Village Society, or would like any general information about Saltwood, have any ideas you think would benefit Saltwood, or wish to receive information about joining Saltwood Village society please fill in the form to the right and we will respond promptly.

A few images around our beautiful village


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